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  • Adventure of the Soul

    The Art of Listening to Life

    World Dialogue on Spirituality, Guadalajara

    Marcus Dupuis | 24 Jun 2017

    The Celebration of Spirit conference was a great success in Guadalajara! It was a great gathering of Spiritualists and Religious leaders. It was great to see some of the traditional faiths coming out and participating in the changing landscape of spirituality.

    We are in a time of great awakening. Many people are taking their understanding of life and their connection to God into their own hands. We are no longer in a time when religion needs to help people on the road to salvation, or the road to understanding. Religious paradigms need to change and adapt to the present. The need for the middleman is disappearing.

    The idea that we need to understand the deeper concepts of self and spirit through our own experience is becoming the way. We have evolved a great deal since the middle ages and our education is bringing us to a place where parables and metaphors are to be seen for what they are; they are no longer literal stories that are to be believed but examples through which we can see ourselves. The human adventure is expressed over and over in stories. Hollywood is perhaps the greatest example of contemporary story telling that help people see their own circumstances and situations. in a light that can help them cope.

    When we see others go through complicated life situations and emotional challenges, we receive a confirmation that these things happen. We see solutions for getting around these challenges and we can live in the comfort that it is not just happening to us. We share our stories in order to help each other through life’s challenges; it helps us cope. But we must not forget that we are ultimately here to write our own story. Seeing other people’s story is important but it needs to give us the strength to continue writing our own. All too often people get hooked on watching the story of others and forget to write their own.

    That is precisely the change that we are seeing in the collective awakening that is happening right now in the world. Many people are coming to the realization that we are creators of our own reality. At the very least we see that we have an active role of participation. Our life is not handed to us; we make it happen. We get distracted by government rules and regulations, we get busy negotiating better deals with banks and insurance companies, we have to deal with a corrupt police force trying to control us more and more, we get busy watching football games and hockey games and final matches and hero cup finals, the list goes on… Let’s not forget just trying to make some quality time for enjoying life with family and friends!

    It can be very difficult to take a few moments to look at our own life and checking to see how we feel and accessing our state of being. In fact most people are so caught up in responding to all these social demands and expectations that personal time does not even exist. The average TV time in North America is over 5 hours a day. If we add to that all the responsibilities of the day… there is no time to listen to our own inner voice. Our Soul is rattling around inside us and crying out for some attention. What about our higher purpose? What about what we have come here to accomplish in this wonderful life.

    Meditation is a way of making some time to listen to the self, or to at least let the higher or eternal self make itself known. Our attention to external things and to our physical environment is only part of what we are here to experience. There is another part of us that is eternal, invisible, mystical, perhaps mysterious, amazing and wonderful. Making contact with that internal being is key in achieving balance in this journey we call life.

    Talking and sharing ideas on all of this is very important. In this light, the Guadalajara convention and celebration of Spirit was and is a great event. The presence of all faiths and the willingness to converse and work towards a better understanding of ourselves and our connection to source and God is a beautiful thing.

    I look forward to participating in the next convention! Something to look forward to! Now we need to open that dialogue with more events, more presentations and keep the conversations going. That is how we come to understanding. Through this dialogue we establish our own personal connection to our own life and that is how we write our own story.